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How to Start a Conversation with a Woman

20 December 2010 No Comment

As I started my journey I was continually asking myself things like, ‘how did he end up with her’? I soon realised that I had to stop placing value on women based upon their looks alone. Instead of referring to them as HB9 or HB 10 based on their physical attributes I started a new binary scale of HB0 or HB1 – HB1 meaning I was physically attracted enough to approach and to find out whether she has the other 9 to become a HB10. These 9 were parts of her personality such as ambition, independence, kind heart, confidence etc. However this is still wrong as by only opening women I was potentially interested in I was viewing the world very narrowly. I had to be more open-minded and approach everyone, HB0, HB1, girls or guys. This increased my social circle and by doing so my social circle developed into one containing many high value girls and guys, so much so that I could send a message out to all my friends on Facebook asking them to set me up with someone, knowing that they would deliver with a potential HB10. It is well known that despite the increase in the use of game, dating websites and dating gimmicks such as speed dating, that social circles are still the most common way that women meet their other halves. Realising this meant that I had acquired an ‘abundance mentality’, which allowed my inner frame to grow.

How does he always get the girl?

He does what he’s always been doing, that’s why he always gets the girls. This was something that had been bugging me for a long time. One of my friends was a natural, despite being short, fat and rude. I asked him what the secret was, and he said ‘just go for it and if it hits it hits’. I thought there must be more to it than that, but looking back and analysing it I realise that I can break down what he meant. I have now reached a stage where I can break this down and analyse it, so that I have now reached a position where I can share my knowledge and teach it. What does improve your game immensely is experience. The more stuff I practiced, the better I got. Whilst growing up he’d got experienced with women, whereas I had preferred practising computer games. I couldn’t relate to him just going for it until I began to teach others how to approach, and began to realise that I would have to analyse what I do and break it down for them, so that I could teach others to use my techniques. This is the major difference between my natural friend and I – he does what he’s always done and hopes it hits; I’ve broken it down so that I can adapt it to, I’d like to say, any circumstance.

What do I have to do to get the women I want?

Now I know nothing about Ice Hockey, but I really like this phrase from the famous player Wayne Gretsky and feel it applies to many things in life, as well as game: ‘I MISS 100% OF THE SHOTS I DON’T TAKE!’

First thing I had to do if I saw a woman I liked is start shooting – just go for it!

Once I started opening, and with more practice, I began to realise the similarities between women, people and society and the way they think. The main principle is that if you can create a connection with a woman you’re far more likely to create a lasting impression and she’s more likely to remember you than other guys. What this meant has taken me a while to break down into a teachable format, and I didn’t want to introduce it until I could teach you how to replicate it.

Now if I ask you to picture a high-value woman I can guarantee that the first things you imagine will not be her personal attributes, but her exterior – i.e. the way she looks. Every other man will think the same; they will picture a hot woman. Everywhere this woman goes she is the centre of attention, guys will want to talk to her, they will do all the chasing, and the woman will choose to hang around with the high-value guys, such as the owner of a club, or the best dancer at salsa class, or the CEO of a corporation – men with high status. We have all seen it happen when a high-value woman is surrounded by men all vying to gain her attention, all eager to please her. What you have to ask yourself is how can you make yourself stand out and forge a connection with this woman, so that she remembers you above the rest? The answer to that question is ‘building a connection’.

The reason it is difficult to build a connection when you meet somebody is because, ‘people are like icebergs, with only a small percentage of who they are really visible’, as neatly summed up by the author Judith Guest in her novel ‘Ordinary People’. Furthermore you’ll often hear people, and women in particular, refer to moments when they’ve met someone who they’ve just, ‘hit it off with’, and formed a strong connection with, yet they fail to explain the moment any further than that. Most people believe that these connections are formed through commonalities – shared feelings or experiences – which they can bond over and form a deep connection. However, you can, regardless of who you are or what you do, create connections with anyone and everyone you meet, leaving people with that impression that you’ve, ‘really connected’, and, ‘hit it off’, and effectively leading to that unexplainable attraction, which makes ‘The Difference’. I will delve further into this topic in my next article on creating that connection.

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