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How to sexually attract women with “push-pull”

22 September 2010 No Comment

One the best ways to sexually attract women is by using push-pull. Let me explain what that is. Push-pull is a method where you actively demonstrate disinterest in the girl one moment, and then indicate that you like her the next.

If you watch natural players flirting this is something that you’ll notice. You can’t simply keep showing interest in a girl. If you’re always nice to her, never break rapport, do things like buy her flowers, ask her questions about herself and agree with what she says you might be her friend but she’s not going to find you sexually attractive. To be attractive you need to challenge the girl instead of being some placid yes man.

Equally, you can’t keep pushing the girl away. If you continue to break rapport, mock her, disagree with what she says, tease her, eventually she’ll just think you’re a bastard and walk away.

The answer then is push-pull, something which is genius and, at the same time, totally obvious once you realise you can’t be totally mean or totally nice if stand any good chance of consistent success.

To get a sense of where I’m going with all this, think, for example, of your favourite junk food. Imagine going on a strict diet for several weeks that prohibits you from eating your favourite food.

What would it feel like to finally give in to your urge and indulge after weeks of dieting?

I’m willing to bet it would taste a thousand times yummier after dieting than before. Push-Pull has a Tension Loops structure: the Push sparks unresolved emotional tension and the Pull releases this tension.

Push-Pull is a form of raising your value: the unresolved emotional tension compels women to seek resolution by chasing you. Because Push-Pull sends mixed signals, it keeps women guessing whether you hate them or like them, approve of them or disapprove of them, and want them or want to reject them. Over the course of an evening, this emotional rollercoaster fills their body with sexual tension and keeps you in the driver’s seat of the interaction.

The next question is how to sexually attract women by using push-pull in practice

The Push:

The Push should never be a flat-out insult.

The idea is to get under her skin a little. Playfully tease her about one of her insecurities, about her personality and physical flaws, about not having a chance with you, or about her falling short of your standards and expectations.

A Push hints that you don’t like her or divulges that you don’t like a part of her.

The Pull:

Is when you give her a compliment. These are the types of compliments you could give:

1) Physical beauty

2) Personality traits, likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests etc.

3) Things in her life she had to work for

4) Being a proactive participant in the interaction

5) Letting women know that they sexually arouse you

When using a Pull, don’t grovel. Instead, come from the place of an authority figure – think of a king or a teacher. A Pull reveals that you like her, discloses that you possibly like her, or demonstrates that you like a part of her.

Here’s an example:

Goad a woman into trying to make plans with you and then accuse her of asking you out on a date.

You can taunt women by talking about all the fun places you go, things you do, and hobbies you have. For example, say you’re telling this girl about this bar

“I was at this bar the other day that looked like nothing else. It was totally normal on the outside but on the inside it was the most luxuriously decorated world of splendour. Just standing at the bar ordering the drink was an experience. I bet we’d love it there”

So she’ll suggest, “We should go together,” and then ask, “When are you going to take me there?”

So then you bust her balls and ask, “Are you asking me out on a date?”

She’ll admit, “Well, I suppose so.”

And then you compliment her, “Well that’s good. I like assertive women.”

This first part was a Pull: I got her into asking me on a date.

The second part was a Push: I made her feel a little guilty about it.

The third Part was a Pull: I told her I liked that she asked me.

So push-pull, used correctly, is a great way of how to sexually attract women.

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